EZI-PrEP study

The aim of the EZI-PrEP study is to make PrEP care easier and more accessible by offering and researching an online PrEP service. In addition, the EZI-PrEP study is looking at whether the number of PrEP check-ups can be reduced. The GGD is looking for suitable participants for this study. 

About the EZI-PrEP study

The EZI-PrEP study is an initiative of the GGD Amsterdam, GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond, GGD Haaglanden, GGD Gelderland-Zuid and Soa Aids Nederland. The study is subsidized by Aidsfonds. The study researches online PrEP services, and the frequency of PrEP check-ups.

Participating in the study

You can participate if you currently receive PrEP care or want to receive PrEP care at the GGD Amsterdam, GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond, GGD Haaglanden or GGD Gelderland-Zuid. You must be 18 years or older to participate. Read more information about the participation requirements and what study participation entails on www.eziprep.nl. There you will also find the online registration form. Should you have any further questions, please email us at eziprep@ggdgelderlandzuid-nl.


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